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Building Renovations Help When Mobility is a Concern

Mobility is a major issue for anyone affected by a disability making it difficult to get around. While the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was designed to encourage business owners to modify their buildings, not everyone has complied. In addition, homes are not normally designed with access for disabled individuals in mine. When getting around is difficult, an accessibility contractor should be contacted to discuss potential solutions.

Business owners who have not yet complied with ADA regulations are not only in violation, they are missing an opportunity to provide their products or services to disabled individuals unable to access their buildings. ADA Accessibility Renovations, when properly completed, allow everyone to access a structure, even those needing special accommodations.

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In addition, business owners, under ADA, are responsible for improving doors, providing access to bathrooms, and making sure proper ramps or other access features are properly installed. Not only is it the right thing to do, it's the law. Customers notice when business owners take the steps needed to make their businesses inviting to everyone, not only those without a disability.


Homeowners have their own set of issues when it comes to providing access for handicapped family members or guests. For example, doors are not always wide enough to allow a wheelchair to pass, and different levels are not accessible to many handicapped persons. However, there are contractors who understand the issues of individuals needing special accommodations, and work with property owners to resolve access problems.

Many times, residents are attached to their homes, and do not wish to move just because they are no longer fully mobile. In cases where bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the second floor of homes, simple personal needs are difficult to take care of. In those types of instances, a residential elevator contractor may have the perfect solution. Home elevators provide wheelchair users, and anyone else experiencing difficulties with stairs, the ability to move freely around a home.


A commercial building contractor can often handle multiple adaptation projects for homes or businesses that allow handicapped individuals to freely enter any part of a building. Doors can be widened, cabinets lowered, and bath areas modified to allow access and dignity for any user.

Things happen in life, and if new mobility challenges are encountered, don't try to make do with inadequate facilities. Take steps to make sure everyone in the home can move freely throughout different areas. For help in determining which types of adaptations are feasible, contact a contractor today.

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